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    Vector illustration and T-shirt design
Just an Illusion
Recycled, remixed and reimagined.
A decade old vector illustration forms the foundation for this piece.
Created for my final major graphics project, it was originally based on a polaroid taken of the canal at sunset just behind Hackney road East London (E2), said polaroid was scanned and then laboriously traced by hand in illustrator.
It's 2nd incarnation was around 5 years ago where I added a few more traced images, from around the time of the 2nd Gulf war. I then mirrored it, only to see a skull jump out of the image. 
It's latest remix contains some images from the recent London riots added, some quickly traced, others are photoshopped newspaper cuttings.
I'd like to think that there is a little bit of history contained here, that the time, effort, and snapshots from the last decade somehow add to the overall result, one that has evolved over time, without any fixed goal to aim for I've sat down and just created without thinking, as organically as you can do using technology.

ILLUSION T-shirt design
Stripping back the layers from the main image, slightly tweaking a few elements and a bearded face appears.