Identity for SWISS International Air Lines
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    Brandidentity for Switzerlands national airline
The design for SWISS was a 2002 project where I worked on a project basis for Winkreative, the designagency started by Tyler Brule, who was also the creative director for this project. This picture shows the brandmarks as applied on the livery of an Airbus 340.
Interior from first class
Interior from Business class
The custom font CH Sans, as used for signage on SWISS hq in Basel
The first timetable using the new identity. The idea is to create layouts which are clearly gridded. The pattern of crosses is a flexible visual device that adds identity and helps bringing out the feeling of gridded design.
Decoration for back wall of SWISS airbus 340. Due to limitations of printing on this highly unflammable material, I created a map based on rasterpoints in the shape of a Swiss cross.
The Swiss worldpmap as used in Swiss City ticket office in Zürich. The interiors of both offices and aircraft interior is created by Macharch.
Custom font for SWISS. Art direction by me, design by Freda Sach and Foundry Studio