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Tomart Custom Guitars
Tomart Custom Guitars - identity of Tamás Szilágyi, luthier | MA degree project
Tamás creates instruments in his workshop since 2003 as hobby, at a professional level. He mainly focus on guitars & bassguitars both of acoustic and electric, interested in many others as well.
I kept in my mind two points during designing his identity:
-He likes working on his own and operating on every part of the work without any external help.
-To represent the personal and manual nature of making instruments.
The diversity of surfaces required several solutions for each element of the identity.
Basic elements
Table system with thin lines to order the information and a pattern with thick lines in the same tilt angle as the logotype's letters to fill empty cells & give a recognizable appearance to the identity. 
Main colors
One color for screen & another one to use in print to achieve the same color depth.
Typefaces used in the identity and their function. Extra spacing for the main and secondary titles.
Based on brush script, using a variable striped system for the custom letters to achieve the equivalent distance in between the letters & within each letter. It's complexity changes regarding the surface, size and function actually needed.
Attempts to find the right direction for the custom letters.
Final logo versions for the varied surfaces
They are in use on the neck & body of guitars, website, calling cards, booklets and flyers in distinct sizes. Creating a version with optical corrections was necessary for the smallest size.
The logo in it's most important role.
Screenprinted on a bassguitar's headstock.
Letterpress printed cards
All of the cards contain tables with empty cells to fill them with the required handwritten text.
Calling card.
Label for organizing raw wood. Species, owner of the wood & date of purchasing are shown.
Vignette inside the acoustic guitars. Species & date of production are shown.
Digital prints
Made for the purpose of promotion.
Flyers. Photos with different logos on the front & a description about the manufacture on the back.
Booklets. The printed version of the website with similar construction & content.
Guitar designer sheets
Help the client to get the ideas drawn, easy to print at home in A4 size using inkjet printer. Contain popular guitar shapes as guides for drawing custom guitars. Include tables for the required materials and information.
Screenprinted promotional wooden gifts
Name plate for the workshop
Made of pear wood in approximately 70 cm size, hand painted using thin stain paint.
That's the portfolio of Tamás, including an introduction, biography & contacts as well.
You can check out the site here.
Programming done by Dávid Schnellbach - schnellbach.david@gmail.com
T-shirt design
Hand-drawn graphic, printed on cotton tee using digital printer.
My Tomart bassguitar
As i've been working on the identity, Tamás has been working on a bassguitar for me. The basic shapes of the body & headstock was designed by me, all the other curves and ideas belongs to Tamás. The 24 fret bass has a quite small body with a 34" scale length, built with an EMG-35TW active pickup. Body is made of alder, the neck is made of maple & mahogany, the fretboard is made of wenge.
Thanks for Márton Juhász, Tamás Szilágyi, Dávid Schnellbach, Eszter Váradi, Halisten StúdióStudents of 011,
Csaba Kocsis, Péter Kőrös, Antal Labozár & everyone who helped me with this project.
Thank you for your attention!
Tomart Custom Guitars


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Tomart Custom Guitars

MA degree project: Tomart Custom Guitars, the identity of Tamás Szilágyi, luthier, who creates instruments since 2003. He mainly focus on guitars Read More