Communication for Event - It's time for your passion
What are the steps that must be developed for a perfect communication in an event?
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First of all to plan an event you have to define what are the objectives to be achieved. Therefore you choose the target to which the event is targeted and indicate the type of event.
The event "ITS TIME FOR YOUR PASSION" is prepared by graduate students at the technical upper ITS Angelo Rizzoli in Milan. The target of this event are the companies that take on trainees, parents and anyone who wants to know the school.
I have worked as Director and Event Manager.
The pre event is certainly the most important one because you have to plan the whole organization of the event. First, at this stage, it is crucial to choose the type of event, whether it is a convention, a conference, if it is intended for internal employees or a trade show; This choice depends on the target audience. Second are chosen actors, presenters and speakers more adapted to the types defined.
In pre event develops, also, all communication from the creation of the image of the event advertising.
During the event you have to hold your hand the guests and accompany them along the route of the event. At this stage we need to create motivation to product and company loyalty. The event must be supported by a set design that brings the image coordinates audiovisual media. The most important factor is the involvement therefore encourage the exchange of experiences and opinions and offer group activities.
During the event, the communication must be studied and prepared so that the participants for the event appears unique, distinct and memorable, so that stimulates the participant to make choices or decisions.
Walk in, before started the event
Introducing Video - what the event wants express to the public (Passion like Tazio Nuvolari and "Pianista sull'oceano")
We realized also a Tg news. This is the abbrevation on the beginning
A little part of TG news, impossible interview to Leonardo Da Vinci in Chroma Key. I was the interviewer!
The post event is the extension phase of the communication, to maintain in the audience, with the passing of time, the effectiveness and the interest for the event and for its contents.
Video Post event
I organized this event like a director and videomaker with my classmates.

all texts were taken from the book that I wrote:
Event Management - Simone Aiosa
Communication for Event - It's time for your passion

Communication for Event - It's time for your passion

How create an event's communication. I have been the Event Manager and Director of this event all texts were taken from the book that I wrote: E Read More


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