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    Food as a tool to protest. Digital project 2011.
Feed the politics.
Send food to the hunger feeders.
Over recent years, we have recorded the most abundant
harvests in the history of our planet. Still, 3,5 million children
die each year because of malnutrition.
Food donations to deprived people are a short term 
solution that lead to a dead end.  
We want to start a different conversation by changing the topic: 
Donate food to the people who perpetuate hunger. 
Introducing Feed the Politics.
food as a tool to protest.
We don't want to waste the food that would be appreciated
in deprived countries. We want to use it as an invitation.
Food donated to protest against politicians will be served
in front of their buildings.
AAH will invite their less fortunate citizens to join our protest with
a simple action:  eat the food that they have taken 
away from you.
Still Frames
This is a personal project by Busto & Miguelez,
and AAH is not responsible for the idea.