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    slowgun 2011
Bikeart exhibition 2011
"The Carpe Diem group puts together a unique Bike Art exibition to be presented during the 2 Bike Festival of Athens.
Renown urban art artists are inspired by and create for cycling:
2357, Alexandros Kataras, Asfalos, Boohaha, Brain, D, Dyslectic, Eros, Homo, Imoa, Ino, Jasone, Jola, Kez, Lolos, Live2, Nade, Nashek, Nastwo, Norzine, Poster, Prolekulture, Pupet, Raiden, Revenge, Rkr85, Rtm, Sake, Same84, Slowgun, Stigma Squad (Anie, Lune, Scar, Scarone, Senor, Sonke, Zamie, Zyan), Tam,
The Krah, Yoker."

So check my participation below!
Photos by: Kelly Katsarou