As part of my quest to design and make all the furniture in my apartment, I completed my first couch, inspired by both contemporary and mid-century modern angular shapes and colours.  It is made from 12mm and 24mm birch plywood, digitally-printed poly canvas fabric and foam.
The frame uses no glue, nails, screws or bolts.  It was designed in Rhino 3D and cut using CNC routing.
The fabric pattern, designed in Adobe Illustrator, features silhouettes of young eucalyptus leaves. 
The plywood pieces use dovetails to enable one piece to "grab" another without screws, nails bolts or glue.
The images digitally printed onto the fabric includes lines for cutting, to enable precise cutting of pieces and lining up of patterns between cushion covers.
Some initial basic rendering in Rhinoceros 5.0: