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    Robin Lechner Interior Designs is a residential interior design and home staging business in south Florida. The spirit of Robin's designs is insp… Read More
    Robin Lechner Interior Designs is a residential interior design and home staging business in south Florida. The spirit of Robin's designs is inspired by classics of the past, focus on the present, and vision of the future. "Each day is a journey of discovery. I look forward to inspiring clients to create beautiful, comfortable, and elegant residences, and to find happiness in the place they call home". Read Less
Hamptons, LI, NY
If any image reflects my signature style, this vignette created with a Chinese coromandel screen, fresh flowers, plus a bit of whimsy with the harlequin lamp is it. It's fresh and original with a touch of daring. This is what I bring to clients; every project is different, reflecting their personality and design preferences. 
Red elicits more emotion than any other color. From melons and corals to deep reds and burgandy, its range makes it a very adaptable color. I love using red in libraries. 
When I design a space, I use the design vocabulary of all of the senses to create rooms that connect with and enhance all life's experiences.
A guest bedroom should be simple and welcoming. Lighting on both sides of the bed, linens, extra blankets, and additional seating, t.v., and desk (out of the frame) to make your guests feel at home.
The landscape surrounding the home is equally important as the interior. It should be colorful, tidy, comfortable and inviting to the family and for guests.
A spacious walk-out deck extends a home's living space. Here we have additional living and  dining space that entertained a party of 50 guests.
There's nothing like a fireplace to be the focal point for a an intimate conversation area. Four comfortable arm chairs are placed away from the wall arranged around a cocktail table. Originally a separate room, the wall opposite the fireplace was opened 8 feet allowing flow into the living room, and providing additional seating if needed for large parties. 
A corner in the living room is a perfect place to create a cozy reading area. It provides an additional space to sit quietly and enjoy solitude. It gives more life to a living room that so often is under utilized.
An entry foyer is essential to every home, serving to welcome family and guests. Requisites are a table to put down packages and to store keys; a mirror to give guests a chance to straighten themselves before joining the party, and provide you with a final check before you leave the house; and soft lighting to moderate harsh light of overhead fixtures and enhance the feeling of being welcome. 

Entries can be carved out of the smallest spaces. See my "Cinderella Makeover" project to see how.
Pale yellow, ivory, and black used together are a beautiful sophisticated yet casually elegant color scheme. Notice, too, the mix of patterns. As long as the scale of each is correct, the mix creates interest.
Blue Pearl granite, soft blue walls with complementary warm wood tones are pleasing and restful to the eye, perfect for the combination kitchen/dining area. Double casement windows were added over the sink to allow for a grander view of the beautifully landscaped yard. Extra storage was added over the sink, connecting the cabinetry on each side which created more continuity to the room's design.