TELGO - Brand Design

2014 | Telecom

Telgo is a telecommunications company based in Anapolis, Brazil, offering broadband internet, dedicated circuit and fiber cable services in other 7 cities of Goias, including Goiania, the district's capital city.

This project was developed going through all the steps and evaluations needed for brand development as a model of corporate image management. (branding).

To accomplish the task, we developed a broad research on the business and their perceptions, service evaluation with customers, diagnosis of Telgo brand (identity, naming), positioning definition (platform) and identity of the company.

In the process of research and diagnosis,
we identified what were the main challenges of the project:

- Improve the perception of the company, because it was linked to one of its services, internet radio that was classified in customer surveys as bad quality service (service: TurboSeg)

- Organize the brand architecture, because we had three brands within the same company but none of them provided a clear vision of what each represented.

- Differentiating Telgo as telecommunications companies, these are naturally hated.

- Flag company's new era, presenting a company that follows and leads the innovations of their market environment and that was not only recognized for their services.

- Create an identity that shows Telgo’s level of service across the competition and that would support and represent the ambition as a company: to provide quality services and be all over the country.

- Analyze the company name, visualize possible perceptions of the name and its functioning in relation to a nationwide performance the company aims.



Creative Direction / Design: Rodrigo Francisco & Braz de Pina
Initial Research/Strategy: Daniel Campos, Luís Feitoza
3D Animation: Marck Al
Video Production: Matheus L. Amorin, Hugo Crisóstomo
Print Production: Cir Gráfica
Telgo - Brand Design