21st Century Pilgrim

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    This project lasted six months. It was self initiated, like a lot of my questions. 
    There is nothing remarkable or deep about these questions, they are everyman's.
    Questions of morality, existence, religion, why am I here, where am I......so on.
    Meanwhile we come up with rationales and theories as answers, we settle them 
    in our best way possible. Im a Graphic Designer and this my way of getting there. 

    I started this project hoping to extract some otherworldly wisdom. 
    I read up, numerous things, all sorts of varied topics, 
    firmly beleving that all guiding laws of things connect on brass tacks. 
    You'd be pleased to know that it took me to some unseen places and findings,
    but largely, I came at peace with a fact, that we are destined to keep chasing
    these answers till we burn, because the questions keep coming and
    we just keep getting older (wiser occasionally).