Cubilog is an innovative system of simple modules with built-in sensors for data collection, processing and control. Modules can be connected to each other in order to create the most suitable configuration of sensors. It meets the needs of any industries using data collection and control such as home automation, agriculture, urban infrastructure, management etc. Further system development is as easy as adding new modules to the existing set up. 
The Cubilog blocks are surprisingly small, they connect in a snap and have a high-quality look and feel. The simple, yet detailed aluminum body gives a unique look and style to Cubilog. The modular construction is reflected in the design by the similar basic blocks with customizable features like the color, and sensor-specific features such as the ventilation holes and the pictograms. A full set-up of Cubilogs can fit any home and office environment: either a professional workplace or a vibrant and colorful creative space.
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