"The Lady Rayne" - vector portrait of my friend Lorraine done in Adobe Illustrator.   She was a frequent model for me, she posed for several of the pieces in this collection. 
"Possession" - oil on hardboard. Another school project. This was a departure from my   usual style of work, I was very proud of how it turned out.

"Abigail the Elf Queen" - a unique portrait of my friend Abigail. Done in Illustrator.
"Angel" - One of my final semester projects. Oil on wood board.
"Sheena - Queen of the Jungle"
"Heavy Metal" - inspired by Heavy Metal Magazine.
"Wonder Alexis" - A portrait of my friend Alexis as Wonder Woman, in her most recent
  costume. She likes this look, though I'm more partial to the classic WW.

"Maiden of the Sea" - My friend Heather loves the story of  "The Little Mermaid".
   I worked on this off and on for a while as a gift for her.

"Girl With the Flower Tattoo"
"Sexy Steph Riding Hood"