Hot Season
Visual created for McCann Erickson and Universal Media symbolizing the hot summer season.
One of my greatest obsessions is tango. So it comes natural to design things related to this subject. This poster was developed for the 5 year anniversary of Tango Banda.
Photography / Visual that captures the essence of tango.
At the end of the world
Exhibiton poster
Photography: StorkWork (DImitar Apostolov)
Typography and layout: Petar Pavlov
Visualized scene from my unfinished novel called "Oblivion"
..."Katelynn never used more then two senses at the same time... As the absence of vision sharpens the bat's hearing ability, the folded eyes sharpened her sense of taste."...
TEDx Visual
I was one of the speakers at the first TEDx Skopje event (2010). This image was created to visualize my topic - doing "gymnastics" with various mental skills.
Basketball Support Poster
Translation: Heroes in our hearts. Go Macedonia!
This poster was created right after we won the match with Lithuania at the Eurobasket 2011 Championship which was our entrance ticket for the semifinals. This was the biggest success in the history of Macedonian basketball.

Here's a glimpse of the atmosphere right after the match :)

As soon as I uploaded the poster on my Facebook profile, it started virally spreading and in 2 days the  entire newsfeed was occupied with this image - people were sharing it and putting it as a profile picture, the largest Macedonian websites were using the slogan as their Headline news.
So in less than 3 days it became the unofficial national symbol for the success of our basketball team. Hopefully it will be inspiration for future victories.