WithMe Bone for lonely dogs
What will happen when you go out?(The sound is 1.5x faster)
Have you ever noticed what will your dog do when he is alone at home? 
Usually they feel upset and will cry for a long time. 

Researchers said that many dogs may have autism too cause their owners do not have enough time to be with them. Dogs are just like children and do not want to be left alone at home. What things can reduce a dog’s lonely feeling?

I found that your smell and your voice are good choices.

WithMe Bone is toy for lonely dogs. It can store your smell and your voice. 
When your dogs are with this bone, they feel like they are with you
And finally I want to say:
WithMe Bone afford a way to reduce a dog’s anxiety but it can’t be a solution.
The only solution is to love your dog and take time to compare with them.
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