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    Raquel Navarro, a new point of view.
Raquel Navarro is a profesional video and photographer working at Zaragoza city (Spain). She asked me if I could design her a different business card for an especial event (she won the Best Aragonese videoclip at the Zaragoza movie festival). And this is what I did.
It is a cool and fresh design, I played with the idea of "a new point of view". I made a little hole as a viewfinder, where I place different graphics using an acetate between the sides of the card, so the viewer can play with the card and add the graphics to the people just looking at the hole. The design is an abstract camera using simple vectors and treating the information very carefully. 
I printed and cut them on my own, it was a very crafty work but very funny! This is the method I used to produce this card.