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THE TRIP | end credit animation
This credit was made for the short movie "The Trip", directed by Ozan Tasci and Mirko Sonsala.
The sound design is created by Yvo Hauschild.
It was a real pleasure to be part of this project and a premiere for me concerning this kind of work.
Thanks a lot to Ozan "Ozzy" Tasci for the opportunity.

Here is the link to the movie: The Trip
I've made this project in March and finished the two last shots later in June when I was back in France.
In March I was still living in Berlin and using a laptop.
Due to the limitation of it, my uncertainity about being able to do something with Turbulence, I had to find a way to bypass these issues.
So I came with the idea of making a lot of assets that I could use in a 2.5D environment to make it easier for my laptop.
I did this also to bypass my lack of organisation and be able to create things randomly just by trying and seeing because at this period I wasn't using yet animatics to help me to structure my animations (and I think that structuring my work and be more efficient was my main focus this year) .
To get started, I needed various type of assets all more or less looking like fluids or "fluidish smoke".
The first thing I've tried was to create those "ink bleeding" effects by using Trapcode Particular. Then Turbulence FD for the rest.
This idea about creating random simulations seemed to be the wisest choice at the time, to discover Turbulence and be able to produce something at the same time.
To combine those assets, I've used some distortion tools in After Effect, the puppet tool as well, combined to a time remap and a lot of motion blur to mask the low resolution of my smoke simulations.
I can't recall the setup but the simulations were a bit "blocky" due to a big voxel grid size (to prevent the crashs of my laptop) and the shading of the smoke was really simple and without any light to speed up the renders.
Concerning the surface of the water, this was made in cinema4D and the bubbles are made in After Effect with some shape layers and diffused by using Trapcode Particular.
About the sequence in the middle of the animation, this is actually real footage given to me that I've used in a 2.5D environment. The lens above was quickly made in C4D then placed on top of the comp to add a bit of depth with the moving reflexions and speculars.
The melt of the main title is also made of real footage.
It was actually the first time I've combined a 3D software to my workflow simply to create quickly small, yet usefull assets. Before this project I would have made the water in 2.5D with some distortion effects and several layered solids and created a fake lens with tons of effects to finaly get something that isn't even half nice as this and that would have taken ten times more effort to be done.
For the final rendering, the "tricky" part came. I had to precomp all my Particular comps diffusing the bubbles because my computer couldn't handle it, and had to do the same for the smoke with all the motion blur, time remap and focal blur.
For this I've used this usefull "hack" about creating high resolution proxys (with motion blur activated, best quality, and rendered in a 16 Bits color profile) so at the end my computer could rendered the full animation flawless.
Ink bleeding assets
Smoke simulation assets
Thanks for watching !
THE TRIP | end credit animation

THE TRIP | end credit animation

End credit made for the short movie "The Trip", directed by Ozan Tasci and Mirko Sonsala. You can watch the full movie in two parts on Vimeo: h Read More