Picasso at the Lapin Agile- Costume Designs
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    costume designs for Steve Martin's comedy, Picasso at the Lapin Agile
blouse is same color as Picasso's, the character with whom she is perpetually infatuated
"Female Admirer"
simplicity of outfit reflects simplicity of character
outfit draws similarities from Picasso's, with whom he is associated, but is a touch nicer, as he is the one making money off of Picasso's art
"The Countess"
wears an interesting yet sophisticated combination of attire, seriously portrayed by the high-collared neck but playfully portrayed by the dazzling sequined skirt
inspiration for outfit comes from photograph of young Albert Einstein circa 1904
outfit is somewhat plain and functional, as she is on the job during the play, but small details (plaid on skirt, pointed sleeves, lace collar) also reveal the more interesting side and depth of her character
inspiration for outfit taken from man on Toulouse-Lautrec poster who is obviously overconfident and makes women uncomfortable, just like Gaston:
"The Visitor"
outfit matches other characters' in formality, but clearly not in decade; inspiration for design taken from photograph of Elvis Presley:
outfit reflects his blue period; inspiration for costume taken from photograph of Picasso circa 1904:
outfit shows the paradoxical reality of capitalism that those with the least useful ideas have the potential to be the most successful; Schmendiman's love for money and success are shown in his slick, clean-cut outfit, which starkly contrasts with his off-putting personality; his cluelessness is betrayed by his wearing white, rather than dark, dress socks
simple and typical of someone in his line of work, outfit is professional, but sleeves are rolled up and rag is stained, showing his hard-at-work side; inspiration for costume taken from photograph of bartender circa 1900: