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    The ultimate side dish.
This is a project made in the Icelandic Academy of the Arts, during my 3 year B.A. product design degree.
Meððí, loosely translated "with it", is an icelandic term over the side dishes that often go with coffee or tea. It is an old tradition in Iceland (and most likely many other countries) that if you have a visitor you heat coffee and give him a bite with it, or "kaffi og meððí", as would be said in icelandic. The side dishes could then wary from a chocolate bite to a cake or from a slice of bread to.. well you catch my drift. Everything.

Meððí is designed to serve in this purpose, to be that dish. Side dish. Big enough to hold a big cake and some buns in the side trays, Meððí also responds greatly when red wine is served. In those occasions, the side dishes are most commonly variety of cheeses. The main plate of Meððí then holds the cheeses and the grapes while the three trays on the side hold the crackers.
The form of Meððí is designed under the influence of machines used in the fish industries in Iceland. Therefore it gives the plate kind of a manly feeling, in a otherwise womanlike world - as for cake dishes and such things - and gives the look of the plate a new, fresh and interesting approach.
As for normal cake plates often take up much space, Meððí has an unscrewable foot, so the foot and the plate can be stored separately, therefore taking much less space than otherwise.

Ultimately is Meððí the base of all gatherings where side dishes are being served. Then you can also imagine that Meððí is the gear that the party is powered by.