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    Tomato storage unit that is pinned up in the kitchen window
This is a project made in the Icelandic Academy of the Arts, during my 3 year B.A. product design degree.
Hanging Tomatoes
Tomato storage
It's a common misunderstanding that you're supposed to store tomatoes in your fridge. It's even spoken against, because tomatoes loose their rich scent and flavor when they are kept in the cold.

Tomatoes emit a chemical called ethylene which many fruits and vegetables are sensitive to, for example: lettuce and cucumbers. The ethylene rushes the ripening process of them, and that is why it's wise to store tomatoes on their own, away from other vegetables and fruits.

Hanging tomatoes is an accessible storage unit which could easily promote more tomato eating. Tomatoes are very rich of A and C vitamins and also of lycopene which may have beneficial health effects, as for working against cancer.

Hanging tomatoes is not only a tomato storage, but also a great decoration for the kitchen, where the beautiful red color from the tomatoes and the interesting form of the storage work together. 

As is obvious from the name, hanging tomatoes is pinned up in a window or the ceiling, making the tomatoes much more interesting than when kept in the fridge.