"What's travel?", she asked
"Not staring at a guide book and walking past a beautiful tree", he said.
-overheard in a cafe in Thailand.

The question got us thinking too.
For us, travel is about experience. About living in the moment and taking in all that a place has to offer- a history, a culture, a connection that we all share despite being so different in our ways.

"Example 3" is our attempt at re-establishing the connection that we, as people, have with the places we visit. The Etsy shop (www.etsy.com/shop/50travel) is an exercise in returning to the lands that we trod, by using locally sourced material, inspired by culture and lifestyle. We're constantly on the look-out for amazing material that we can use to create handmade goods. Our hope is to infect you with wanderlust, with a sense of curiosity and a greater appreciation of travel and the rewards you can reap from it. And if nothing else, know that by purchasing our products, you're leaving a big imprint in the lives of people who are sharing their time with us.
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Liz & Vince

Our moms always tell us not to curse, but this right here.. is some good sh*t!
The "Good Sh*t Notebook" is handmade from top to bottom.
It's filled with 35 sheets of elephant dung fiber paper, handmade made in Sri Lanka.
The binding trim is factory discarded polyester-elastin which we sourced from a local factory in Maharagama (Sri Lanka).
The binding stitch comes in 3 types. Take a look through the gallery and pick your favorite or send us a note and leave the picking to us.
Dimension: A5 (16cm x 20.5 cm)
This Notebook was made to be loved and is completely frill-free - as in, it's free of any frills.. and lets you feel free (pun intended;). It's completely empty, from cover to cover, waiting for you to bring it to life with stories, photographs, beads, postcard collections... whatever you will!
Take it with you on your travels and jot down your inspiration or leave it at home and build a story over the years- it's entirely your call.
We've even left the cover of the Notebook empty with the idea that you would design your own.
The paper is thick enough for you to use markers, glue, glitter, mud, butterflies- so go crazy!
By purchasing this Notebook, you are directly helping the orphaned, disabled and elderly elephants of Sri Lanka. We couldn’t be more excited that you give a shit!
To know more about how you're effecting the elephants' lives or how the paper is made, ask us a question directly through the shop or send us an email - 50shadesoftravel [!at] gmail.com
The Good Sh*t Notebook was assembled with lots of love, by us.

"Good Sh*t" Notebook by 50 shades of travel

"Good Sh*t" Notebook by 50 shades of travel

Promo material for a handmade notebook, made with elephant dung paper from Sri Lanka. All proceeds from sales go toward helping an elephant orpha Read More