Budi + Sari Pre-wedding Shoot
Bandung, Indonesia
What can be more exciting than one of your best friend get married? Sari and I been friends since we're in university in Australia. Though we both went to a different university but we remain in contact till now back in Jakarta. And yes, she is the Make up artist in my team. :)

Let me tell you their story short. Both Bride and Groom came from Bandung, I know they met online through one of those social media and they both been in relationship for one and a half year. Afterwards, they decided to tie the knot in this beautiful hotel in Bandung. Which I'm very happy for them. The shot was gothic inspired, because the bride likes gothic so much. Supported by gorgeous wardrobes and beautiful hotel for the location. This pre-wedding is one stunning combination!

Took whole day for the shoot, totally exhausted and a little bit drama happened because of their hectic schedules but in the end all is well. :)