Logo concept for a rebranding of a motorcycle dealership that is now under new ownership. The dealership will feature four motorcycle brands: Indian Motorcycles, BMW Motorcycles, Ducati Motorcycles and Victory Motorcycles, these are higher-end motorcycles, however, they want the logo to be inclusive to riders of all skill levels. They want the logo to be neutral to the four motorcycle brands listed above. So don't use the same exact colors of any of the brands. 

The logo should project confidence as well as compliment the four motorcycle brands listed above. People will recognize the motorcycle brands first and than see our dealership as the place to buy them. They would like a text based logo. A treatment of the Tytlers Cycle text in an appropriate font with a background and a border. Would be nice if it were in a badge or similar format. Need the text logo to look good on a shirt as well as in vinyl wrap on a motorcycle trailer. 

As far as colors go, they were thinking blue and black for the main colors. Would also consider adding in chrome or copper. They want the colors to be supportive of the brands and project confidence and inclusivity to their motorcycle owners/shoppersThis brand is not meant to be a sharp, tough brand. So no skulls or other sharp and aggressive elements. This is meant to invite people into the sport of motorcycling with a confident and inclusive brand.