App for kids "Wit-Fit"
The game begins:
the little hummingbird shows how to move the words
On the right side you will see 7 words, which you have to use to fill 6 spaces
You can use your finger to move the words into the spaces
Is everything correct?
The little humming bird or the gremlin will let you know!
The rhyme is complete:
You have done it! All of the words fit correctly. Did you see the cat moving its ear? And didn’t the mosquito blink???
Discover all of the hidden animations:
Tap the details with your finger to activate the animations.
You can choose between these scenes:
12 screens with many animals and witty rhymes
“Wit-Fit – Little Rhymes for Witty Kids” is an app showing 12 beautifully illustrated scenes with different animals in amusing situations described in witty rhymes. The text contains several blank spaces into which you have to fit the missing words. You can move the words over the screen with your finger and if you tap on the animals you’ll activate little animations.
Every scene comes with its own background sound to create a pleasant atmosphere that invites you to stay a while and explore the scene.
I recommend playing the app slowly, as we have hidden lots of surprises and if you hurry you’ll miss half of them. There is no clock running, no high score or any kind of competition… there’s nothing more than pleasure and peace.
The app offers great artistic quality, humorous contents and something different. Our protagonists aren’t typical, fashionable animals like the polar bear or a mouse; we prefer mosquitos, a toad or a maggot. Every animal is portrayed with a lot of tenderness and grandeur, and the message is clear:
every living being is beautiful, loveable and valuable!
Most mainstream media and art will not teach your children to appreciate a “strange” creature or to think with their own heads. We should change that!
In addition “Wit-Fit” trains your reading comprehension skills and your feel for language in an entertaining way: reading can be fun!
“Wit-Fit” is made for children aged 7 - 11 years old, and can also be used in teaching English as a second language and even to prevent Alzheimer’s as the rhymes are short and easy.
We have also made a little sister app “Wit-Fit – the Grand Final in Witty Rhymes” featuring five rhymes about funny animals playing soccer; loosely inspired by the last world championship. In this version you can even score goals and kick balls with your fingers!
We hope you enjoy it!
With kind regards,
Miriam Bauer and Sebastian Bub
Miriam Bauer
Belgradstr. 32
80796 München
Tel.: +49-151-23450459
App for kids "Wit-Fit"

App for kids "Wit-Fit"

App for iPhone and iPad
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