Logo concept for a one-stop-shop website for consumers to find, compare and apply for different types of financial services and products. They are revolutionizing the way customers can, in a transparent and objective way, reach and find suitable financial products & services for themselves on the Finnish market. The name of the company is Finnish and roughly translataes to Economy Watch Dog or so.

In essence they want to have similar values transparent on the logo as on the name of the company. Eg. keeping watch over customer's economy 24/7, being able to easily find the most suitable products for him/her, gathering all relevant data from the market from different products and services, providing guides, information and place to share knowledge about financial products, promoting active social discussion about best practices of consumer's household finances, being a little bit radical and challenging status quo on the market. Providing fun and gamified image distinguishable from traditional and boring banks & insurance providers.

Some ideas fthey had:
- Sherlock Holmes type of outlook (some of the distinguishable items like hat, jacket, pipe, esp. magnify glass)
- Cartoon like dog / dog shape of breed that brings out values discussed above
- Existing social icon utilization somehow to point towards being actively positioned as social service
- Use of star rating or other icon to denote finding of quality and € sign for finding solutions relevant to budget within the logo (for example within the magnify glass)