Logo concept for an ice cream/candy shop which will be located in a beach/tourist location. Think of it as the place you'd love to go as a kid to get candy, ice cream, milkshakes and even some toys ... a kid's paradise. The place the kids constantly ask their parents to take them "please take me to Sticky's" or a young child saying "Yum Yum Factory"! Might have soda counter for root beer floats, gourmet milkshakes, baskets of candy to choose from etc... anything sweet and fun. delicious ice cream and candy. It would be THE fun place to be, a kid's dream spot.
Decided to design a candy man character made up of treats and candy. His head is an ice cream cone, his jacket is made up of those rainbow ribbon candy, his bow tie is a piece of wrapped hard candy, and he is holding suckers and a milkshake. I also liked the sketch of the gingerbread man character, he'd make a cute candyman too.