Logo design for a company that creates innovative fishing products that address the everyday needs of professional and recreational anglers. For their logo they wanted a fish, preferably just the face of a fish. The logo must be simple enough to be printed in one color. It could be cartoonish, and outline, sketch, etc.
Imagine the hook being removed from a fishes mouth. It would leave the fish with a fat lip. Not the entire lip. The logo should not have a visible hook, and would have a Band-aid or "X" bandage over the fat lip. Initial thought is the front view of an open mouth of a Largemouth bass.
This project went through many revisions before reaching the final design. First I went with the cartoonish illustration of a sad looking fish with a fat lip, but this was too cartoony, since they wanted a more realistic representation of a fish. So I sketched a more realistic version, but that wasn't quite right either. The rest of the deisgns are of a style of illustration that worked for them, tweaked and revisied until the fish displayed the right amount of personality and life, and the type of fish could be recognized on sight. They decided they wanted four different kinds of fish, a Large Mouthed Bass, a Walleye, a Crappie, and a Pike all done in the same style.
You can see it in action on their website and products here.