Princeton Class of 1995 20th Reunion Logo
Logo concept for 20th class reunion. Every fifth year, an alumni class picks a reunions theme that guides costume design, signage, music and more. Themes often include some verbal pun or reference to the
class year or reunion year. For the 20th reunion in 2015, the Class of 1995 has chosen a 1970’s dance/music
theme, with two possible tag lines: “Saturday Nine Fiver” or “Stayin' Alive with ’95”. So the logo must embody the spirt of 1970’s, ideally with reference to music or dance imagery or designs of that era. Princeton's mascot is a tiger, so elements of a tiger could be worked into the design if not the focus.
I took inspiration from the 70's psychedelic music poster style, the way the letterforms used flow around shapes and fill the whole space, but since the theme refrences two different disco movies I needed to incorporate disco some how. At first I was going to do this by using an iconic hairstyle of the 70's with an afro, but they felt that could be offensive, even though I went with the tiger version with an afro. They suggested changing the afro into a disco ball, but with the 2 color limit and the nature of the foreground background play of the letterforms that overlay the disco ball it cluttered the space and made it hard to read the text yet alone read as a disco ball, so I kept the round shape but got rid of the afro background color all together so its not exactly an afro but the concept is still there. I liked the 70's color theme but they finally decided they wanted a Princeton color themed logo which means black and orange.