Logo concept for an ice cream food truck.They wanted a sexy hip-hop vibe to represent their brand. The logo is intended to be used for a food truck in which cookies, ice cream and other desserts will be sold in beach towns. Their intention is to be playing 90's hip-hop music from speakers outside the truck, the logo should lend a cool refreshing feel to go along with that. The logo should convey that Maxwell Edwin's is cool, edgy and upscale, but overall a sexy feel, think girls handing out ice cream sandwiches in bikinis on the beach.
I decided to focus on the 90's Hip hop element for the wordmark and I think of graffiti, so I hand lettered my version of a 90's Hip Hop tag. I knew I wanted a character to go along with an illustration of ice cream, so I took inspiration from their comment about girls in bikinis and came up with a california girl sitting on a scoop of melting ice cream. I decided to give the beach girl a 90's hip hop vibe as well with a hat, style of bikini, and hoop earings. If I did a redesign I might change her hair to blond to illustrate a typical California girl instead of a Miami girl.