Mr. Downes was very excited about this design, and chose this for his book cover and another for an upcoming audio book CD Cover.    The book is available at:
Trimaxx International Publishers  decided to 'slim down' their website and wanted updated graphics and copy.  They were very happy with the final product.
This is an author who is as exacting and demanding in his book cover design as he is with his  book projects.  Pleasing his eclectic sense of aesthetic style is a hard job, but I managed this one on the first go-round!  That door handle is bothering the heck out of me is not in correct proportion to the size of the door, and I can't stand the name with that glow.  Most of this will be cleaned up and  fixed before final production.
Creating all new covers for Writer's Press Literary Magazines was something that had been a challenge for some time. Sometimes, my biggest challenge is giving clients what they want vs. what would be a better solution for their product.
I was not thrilled with the outcome for several obvious reasons, but the Publisher said yes to it before I could blink! Believe it or not, Lady Eros is one tough customer...her publisher even more so!  She's always needing new display and updated advertising or promotional materials.  I do my best to keep this author happy, although she is constantly challenging me, it is a great thing for my artistic growth!
This is the main logo for Rescue-Me-Maids, I was not happy with the cartoon illustration, especially for a logo... but it was what the client wanted.  I designed the entire website at:
This graphic was created for T-shirt logo patches for the employees of Rescue-Me-Maids, a company based in South Dakota.  I can't find the pictures they took, but they came out great!