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    Winer of Ukrainian Design: The Very Best Of 2015. Navigation system for the ODESSA MUSEUM OF MODERN ART (guide) The purpose of this product sol… Read More
    Winer of Ukrainian Design: The Very Best Of 2015. Navigation system for the ODESSA MUSEUM OF MODERN ART (guide) The purpose of this product solve a number of problems. 1. Develop a navigation system for a museum that would allow visitors to comfortably navigate through exposure and access to all related information. 2. Involving a younger audience, systematize and organize data. Provide feedback from visitors and keep them informed of events, updates and new exhibition shows. 3. Solve the problem with the guides. Tour guide can’t always be available in the museum throughout the working day. If the museum is visited by a group wishing to tour, they had to call a tour guide and wait for his arrival. If visitors are foreigners, tour should be carried out in English or other languages. In fact tour guide does not speak on all the required languages. One of the ways to solve this problem was issuance for rent to visitors audio cassette players. Of course that in 2014 the decision was quite archaic, and not convenient for a number of reasons: a) Not all visitors know how to use the audio cassette player b) The cassette holds a limited amount of information c) There are not enough audio players for large groups d) The visitor doesn’t know to what hall relates a particular part of the audio material The solution was to develop a mobile application that will be able to cope with the tasks and solve all these problems simultaneously. By grouping the functionality and rejecting all the excess, was divided into four main points: 1. Interactive plan of the museum 2. List of active exhibitions 3. The museum's collection 4. Authors All sections are interconnected by the logical chain - from each menu item you can get in any other. The logic of the application looks as follows: the visitor comes to the museum and at the entrance via QR code installs the application on the smartphone to start using the application. Also, the application can be pre-installed by visiting the official website of the museum. The app intended make a visit to the museum as easy as possible and, in fact, is a pocket tour guide. After visiting the museum, the application stays on the visitor’s device, and the user will receive notifications of new exhibitions, expositions and events updates. This concept has number of advantages. Besides the application solves all assigned tasks, it also has a flexible structure that allows adding new sections and functional update, expand the library of data and so on. Read Less