Smart Home Monitor
Project - Product and packaging design for a disruptive new home security product.
Product /service - Internet-enabled sensors for home security.

Duration - 6 months
Team - Industrial designers, mechanical engineer, client.
Activities - industrial design sketching, 3D CAD modelling, prototyping, packaging design.
Deliverables - Manufacturing ready product designs in 3D CAD, print-ready packaging engineering drawings.
Outcome - AlertMe valued at £65m and bought by British Gas in 2015 -
Winner of a Design Week Award 2009 (Consumer Product Design). Shortlisted - Best of Show

Finding an opportunity to better serve customer needs than traditional home alarms, AlertMe offered something unique. A flexible range of internet-enabled sensors, quick to setup and customisable, customers could use them to monitor doors, windows, smoke alarms and family members leaving and entering the house. 
Working as part of a small industrial design team at DesignEdge Cambridge, I helped design all sensors in the kit from early concept sketches to detailed 3D CAD models to finished, high quality manufactured parts. Throughout detail design we created a family feel across the range that reinforced the AlertMe brand identity.
One of the unique selling points of AlertMe is how simple and easy it is to setup compared to traditional home alarms. To realise this vision, we developed packaging in parallel with product design to manufacturing level. The end result is an unboxing experience that gradually introduces consumers to this unique product in stages, and helps them get up and running in a matters of minutes.
Smart Home Monitor