Single Stroke Font
Client: PlasmaCAM, Inc.
PROJECT: Single Stroke Font

DESIGNER: Dennis Cordova
ILLUSTRATOR: Dennis Cordova

DESCRIPTION:  PlasmaCAM needed a font that was capable of writing text with a plasma cutter in steel.  A plasma cutter uses a jet of super heated plasma to cut steel.  The PlasmaCAM table automates a normal hand held plasma cutter to be controlled by a computer. 

The problem is if one draws a circle for an "o", the center would fall out as would any character that uses a circle.  This font addresses that by making each character or glyph a "single stroke". 

The added bonus for a designer familiar with Adobe Illustrator (or any vector art software) is that since each character is a single stroke or path, one can use any number of brush tools to create some truly unique font designs.