Paranoid / a free font project
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Paranoid is a project we’ve had going on the back burner for a while now, and we’re happy to announce its official public and FREE release. Collaboratively designed by Simon Carrasco,John Stuart and  Kevin Yeun Kit Lo, Paranoid is a purely geometric display facedeveloped as a contribution to, and subtle critique of, the stillgrowing trend of bold, geometric and counterless typography.It can be used equally well to bring back the joy of cocaine clouded80s dance parties or to express the ominous foreboding of inevitablenuclear disaster, a flexible face in spite of its limited form.
Since none of us are by any means professional type designers, we makeno claims to a complete and error-free typeface here. However, Paranoiddoes include a complete uppercase and lowercase (small caps withproportional stroke widths) letter set along with some essentialpunctuation, lovingly, if not professionally, kerned.

Paranoid is offered 100% free of charge, but please contact us before using it in any commercial setting.

FREE download of Paranoid (OTF)

We’d be really interested in any feedback, and if anyone has thetime/energy to correct any bugs or wants to develop the numerals orother missing glyphs, please do get in touch.

(text by Mister Lo, thanks Kevin "Successfulllll" Lo)