FIAT Car Configurator
Allowing users to quickly visualize their ideal vehicle
FIAT approached Publicis Modem to envision a streamlined and highly visual approach to their car configuration functionality across their sites.

Providing a step-based and a non-linear approach to configuring a FIAT vehicle, the design puts the car front and center and makes the 'business rules' of building a car on a website transparent. Most car configuration utilities on manufacturers sites force the user to follow a set path to build a car. In this solution, a user can enter the configuration process from any point that is most important to them - color, wheel styles, options and accessories and so on.

Furthermore, the user does not have to settle with designing their vehicle in the showroom. They can configure a car on-the-road through the use of live updating video. As their car travels some of the most famous driving roads, like the coast road of the Costiera di Amalfi or FIAT's famed Lingotto Test Track they can configure a vehicle as it drives.

Not resting there, users are then able to step into the drivers seat and steer their car through these courses - effectively test driving their new vehicle.

The configurator is designed to be seamless between desktop and touch experiences, taking advantage of both strengths - allowing the user to configure, experience and drive in both interaction environments.

Through these methods, the configuration functionality brings the experience of configuring, owning and driving a FIAT as close as possible to the user.