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    Illustrations of classic nursery rhymes and tales
Nursery Rhymes and Various Tales
"The nursery rhyme is the novel and light reading of the infant scholar. It occupies, with respect to the A B C, the position of a romance which relieves the mind from the cares of a riper age..." --James O. Halliwell

This is an ongoing project dedicated to the strange and surreal stories that many of us grew up on. In researching and reading through these rhymes it strikes me just how timeless and universal the vignettes are. Their provenance comes from all over the world and date back as far as anyone can remember.
As an illustrator the punning and visual richness of the rhymes make them just as fun to work with now as at any time.

Three Blind Mice
Little Miss Muffit
Cat, Mouse and Bee
Three Wise Men
 Crooked Man