Various Illustrations from the Summer of 2011
Commercial and personal!
Here is a random selection of work completed in the summer of 2011. It's a mix of commercial and personal work. 
An illustration for The New York Times Book Review, to accompany a review of Adam Ross' book of short stories: Ladies and Gentlemen. 
Promotional poster for "Tumbleweed"
For the AARP, accompanied an article about forced retirement. 
Another piece for the AARP: The Case of the Loving Grandparents
This is a redo of a student assignment that had potential: New Orleans Jazz Funeral
Personal work, "Newt!"
Personal work, "Roid Rage"
Personal work. This is a redo of a graphic novel project I worked on a few years ago
For the Washington Post. This is a spot illustration for an article about the miscommunications that arise from the loose use of Twitter's hashtag system. 
Personal work, "The Mustache Contest"