IPS Festival is the biggest Public Speaking Event in Indonesia, organized by Rumah MC Indonesia
Client Info:
+ Name: Alicia Van Akker
+ Occupation: Event Planner
+ Event: Indonesia Public Speaking Festival
+ Socmed: facebook.com/IPSFestival
+ Website: ipsfestival.com
Detail Project:
Because of this event is about public speaking, microphone has been chosen as the primary point and contained within the letter 'I' of this logo. Moreover, IPS Festival's logo also has a big 'S' that defined "Speaking" as The important element of this event.
This logo consists of a few colours, they are: turquoise, means open communication and clarity of thought; spring yellow is giving impression positivity and optimistic; retro pink for youthful and energetic soul, and black is identical with strangth or courage.
Thus, the colouring of the logo is designed to signify open communication for youth generation, that positive, energetic, and strong. Because the target of this event is anybody aged under 30 years.
Logo of IPS  Festival 2014
Horizontal / Alternative Logo
Poster Design for MC Choice Award
E-Flyer for Regular Audition 
E-Flyer Design
E-Flyer Design for Speaking Class
E-Certificate for The Winner
E-Certificate for Media Partners
ID Card Design for IPS Fest's Crews
IPS Festival's Official Header Twitter
Documentation Photos
The Day Public Speaking Class
Michael Tjandra as Speaker @ Public Speaking Class
The 1st Winner of IPS Festival 2014
The Winner of Video
A testimony from one of media partner :)
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