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Our good friends at Demo Duck asked us to make a video about the health benefits of hugging. So we proposed writing a catchy song and telling the story through a set of fun characters: a depressed clown, a stressed out worker, and a very distracted teen.
We all collaborated on the lyrics, lead by Justin from Diamond Youth who did all the music and singing. Then for character design and illustration we collaborated with the great Ana Sanfelippo and Eugenia Mello who did an awesome job. Finally we had a crazy but fun ride rigging and animating all of the very different 14 characters to fully bring them to life.
Share it and spread the word if you like it! :)
Client · HCSC
· Demo Duck
Direction · Ale Pixel
Creative Direction · Ale Pixel, Demo Duck, Eliot Brodsky (HCSC)
Characters, Illustration & Texture · Ana Sanfelippo, Eugenia Mello
Storyboards, Color, Design & Typography · Ale Pixel
Animation, Composition, Editing · Ale Pixel
Song · Justin (lead singer from Diamond Youth)
Date · 2013
Early sketches
The ones that didn't make it...
Some tests on style and texture
Hug it Out