Hambeast is a ragtag band of high school losers who are transformed into body confident badasses by the power of punk rock. Lead man Kris Ham drops 200 pounds, and names the band after a cruel nickname that stuck, "Hambeast". The Beast is born, and the first albulm to drop is titled "200". Hambeast consists of band members: Kris Ham, Evie Cleaver, Dani Veal, and Klaus Maximus. 
This fictional band exploration was created for a music branding course at Ringling College of Art and Design Fall 2014
Bad Anatomy Tour 2015
Meet The Beasts
Band TShirts
Beast on The Street
First Debut Album
Hambeast: Volume 1
First Debut Comic Book (to be released with album)
The high school misadventures of: Evie Cleaver, Kris Ham, Klaus Maximus, and Dani Veal
Animated mahem with the Cleavers