My Universe - printed version
book design

Created in feb/2014, in the midst of my relentless pursuit of self-knowledge, improving skills and balancing between personal and professional, this project intends to show part of what some people from my little big universe have to say about me.

I sent a casual message to my best friends, co-workers, fellows from college and even some not well-known people in my social circle: WHO IS AMANDA CMRG? 

The first edition released in dec/2014 has almost 70 comments from different people and 5 levels of proximity. Joining words, sincerity, universe, creativity, design and dedication to develop a personal and professional project. 

The intention is to continue the project and every two years have an issue showing more comments from different people about me - which I know throughout the year. The book is divided into 4 parts "Who / What / When / How" and do not have forecast to end. 

In addition to this book, there is a on-line version:

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