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    Portafolios & Reels is a university event that exposes the final degree works of the students of Graphic Design and Multimedia and Audiovisual Re… Read More
    Portafolios & Reels is a university event that exposes the final degree works of the students of Graphic Design and Multimedia and Audiovisual Realization. Branding for the event. Read Less
Portafolios & Reels That's the name of the event which UJTL (my university) uses to expose the final works of the students of Graphic Design (portfolios) and Audiovisual & Multimedia Realization (Reels). Every group chooses democratically  a finalist to be judged by the graduated students. My project was not chosen to be finalist because it was not the most popular in the poll.

However mine was a proposal designed to have a high shock value and attention time (the visual texture attracts the viewer to stop and look inside the details) demanding  low costs (just one ink). I also designed a higly useful piece developed exclusively to the event. My proposal includes illustration, custom lettering and package design (templates).

we were not supposed to do cards but i wanted to work as a practical example for the card holder.
The Illustration
More than 20 hours of work. Based in my Notebook Madness Series. I tried to include only things related to the university or the two careers directly or indirectly. it includes: 30's cartoon, compact printer, Vespa, vintage girl, Transmilenio bus, besier curves, Dr. Martens boot, animation table, Moleskine, saver bulb, magazine, Nokia 1100, airbrush, calaca shlongboard, gummy bears, easel, cigarette, PSD file, closed book, halftone pattern, Munny, sticker, dual display, thumb drive, renaissance references, unfolded box, postage stamp, typography weights, color system references, sleepy student, autodesk sketchbook reference, film countdown, film strips, Monserrate, Converse All Stars, pizza, ring bind book, keyboard & mouse, student chair, film projector, liquid watercolor and eyedropper, scissors, sharpener, caution sign, copy machine, compass, rabbit, TV, pigeon, hollywood sign, star of the walk of fame, boom mic, crayon, lumiére brothers reference, sandwich, trepanned paranoid guy, radio mic, on-air sign, laptop, Greek amphora, Pear laptop, human eye diagram, tattoo machine, old-school script Lorem Ipsum ribbon, pantone guide, Egyptian body, headphone head, helvetica a, tablet, Cabo (university's iconic dog), the arcs (UJTL's main entrance), UJTL badge, dolphin (marine biology is a famous career of UJTL), Jansport backpack, Nike boots, Red-Bull can, Magritte reference, Gratín with drink (iconic food near UJTL), first semester punk guy, juggler, Duchamp's fountain, Wharhol's Campbell's can, capital M, Blackberry Curve, cinema camera, comic strip, jack plug and cable, waveform, speaker icon, mustache hipster, tungsten bulb, DSLR (hint: the brand are the initials of my name), newspaper, UJTL's carnet, fountain pen, calligraphic ornament, bathroom signs, human figure riding a pencil, smiley and a lot of textures and another elements.
The Typography
All hand made, based in bold slab-serif roman fonts like Clarendon or Popular as a reference, not cloned.
The Pieces
Main pieces. Poster and Banner.
Card holder, postcards and hand program.
Postcards. Reverse lines based on handmade lines.
Hand Program. The list of shorts that would be shown at the day of the event.
Group Identifier. 2 layers, is not very visible in the picture but the black bar actually pops out the circle and floats in front of it. This piece identifies which group is inside in which room.
The Card Holder
Original template available for download
we were meant to design a piece that holded the bussiness cards of each designer of the show of portfolios but the piece must be small due the space available for each designer. I always though that the deck of cards plain over the table was not visible enough so i designed a piece that not only hold but display the card in a very visible but not invasive way.
Planeation sketches.
Final version with earlier prototypes.
I supposed that being designers, they would have business cards of different sizes and shapes than the standard, so i designed the template to support even postcards and any other printed souvenirs.

Diseño de Identidad Visual
Prof. Daniel Plata
Universidad de Bogotá Jorge Tadeo Lozano
September 2011