Shut up and eat! hype videos
Shut up and Eat!
01 - "Never mind...."

To raise some attention to his blog dedicated to restaurant critiques, the owner of the website SHUTUPANDEAT.CA, a good friend of mine, asked us to do small short hype-videos.

There was no budget for anything more than buying food.

We decided to do wordplays with his website's name and came up with this as a first exemple.

It was my first short since I finished my crash-course of one week on Final Cut during university.
I'm really happy of the result, and I'm looking forward in doing the next ones, we learned a lot of stuff while doing this video!
Shot with a Canon Rebel T2i.

Montreal restaurant review blogger snapping up pictures and making your eyeballs salivate... if it tastes good, it's here!

Find him here:

Executive Producer:

Special thanks to:
Brian, Chris, Emilie, Alexa, Michel, Mila, utopieselective's dad, Vincent, wierd_fysh's mom and DJ Kool and Mozart for writing a banging symphony.
Shut up and eat! hype videos