More and more things are going mobile every day. I would love to see a good mobile business card app. I've been part the debate between business cards and contacts being essentially the same. Some prominant issues in this space are:
• People aren't aware of the concept of vCard/contact card
• People want to keep contacts separate from people they do business with
• Contacts don't give an effective way to show "brand"
• The sharing process isn't smooth enough
• It's not cool, engaging, or fun
• Companies have no way to provide digital cards for employees

There are many companies attacking this space currently but it doesn't seem anyone has become prominant. Some things I feel aren't effective:
• Making a super contacts app
• Limiting space for users "branding" themselves or their company
• Making users type in codes to find and add eachother
• Having a less than human experience
• Scanning in business cards in your phone (This is a hacked together solution that doesn't solve the real problem at hand. You still have to collect physical cards and spend time putting them in your phone. Wasting time and money.)

Knowing these things, it makes it easier to determine what we want in a business card app. Similar apps are already doing this in different spaces. Take shazam for example, you press the button and it finds the song using technologies of the device. The same can be done for business cards using your devices location and allowing it to find users nearby. Allowing users to find eachother when standing nearby is great way to humanize the experience. It's about as close as you can get to an actual business card exchange.

Moving forward, I designed an prototyped my app. I named the app Avycard because of the importance of yourself, your avatar, and some cool interactions that would take place with the avatar.