• Dwell Magazine
    At home in the modern world
  • The Challenge
    The future of newspapers and magazines rests online, not in paper. Dwell wanted a website redesign that would ensure the future of the magazine as Dwell.com. But to do that, we needed to work with Dwell in extending their brand vocabulary to an online environment. 

    The Results
    Through a highly collaborative process, we crafted a user experience strategy that integrated strong editorial content with community features. We expanded Dwell’s existing design resources to include a user-generated-content database and a faceted search capability.

    The new site serves as a source of inspiration, as a place to share ideas and find resources on homes, products, services and general information relating to modern design. In the first two weeks after its launch, Dwell.com increased its traffic by 100 percent – a promising sign of its future.
  • Exploration A
  • Final Direction.