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    Video art, duration 9:40. June 2010, Project - Eibatova Karina. Actress - Katya Rozenfeld.
"Floral Anthem" 

This video was exhibited twice, on the following exhibitions:

Berlin show "IMPULSE"; AANDO FINE ART Gallery. July 2 – August 26, 2011 
Moscow International Biennale for Young Art "Qui Vive?", July - August 2010.

In 2012 a famous and talented musician "Washed out" created a soundtreck for the video.

Video "Floral Anthem" is a metaphor of returning back into the paradise. It's an attempt to return in a state where woman's nature is pure, absolutely gorgeous, natural and it blooms by itself, without any violence from external factors.

It was filmed for four times, two of which I myself went to the floral condition. 

Screenshots from other video flower actions.
Original version without sound.

On both exhibitions this video was accompanied  by the flower compositions.
Promotion posters of the exhibition "IMPULSE" were hanged all over Berlin. 

"Floral Party"
The additional wall drawing for the video, exhibited in Berlin.
Acrylic, real flowers. ( Mural was made in two days )