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    Final project of the professional course of photografy - Portuguese Institute of Photography, Porto.

"Memories of a fictional journey", is the result of a photographic journey started in late October 2007, where the search for something different and innovative in the photography world was a permanent condition.
"Memory" and "Travel" are two key concepts in this work. "Traveling" is something we all do every day, covering our past memories as if they were a photo album. It was this natural instinct that led me to start this project, encouraging me to achieve it.
The photography is the ideal tool to freeze an image that is retained by my memory.
If I could have a built-in camera in my eyes, so always be properly equipped to record everything that attracts myattention, always with the facility of a blink of an eye.

Creating a trip in my mind without a defined linear path, to go where I please, forward and backward in time with the same ease as I breathe. The next step was to build an album of memories, moments, situations, places, people and meanings.
The idea of an album, is only in wide sense, that is, none of the images comes with sequential temporal or spatial order that a real travel album have. The photographs presented in diptych are related or not to each other. Corresponding to the match, and culminate in the conduct of my trip through the fictionary city. 
Each set of images interact in different  forms and ways creating a reality that is inherent to each other.

Title: Memories of a Fictional Journey
Dimensions: (cover) 19x25, 5cm (photographs) 18x24cm
"Memories of a fictional journey"

Memory and Travel are two words that interact in meaning.
We traveled in memory covering everything that in it was saved, remember what we wanted and what we wanted to forget, a journey of a fictional non-linear way, without prior planning or logical sequence of space and time.
With advances and setbacks, endless permutations of events, feelings, intuitions and reasoning, we are conscious travelers or mindless dream dreams, hidden from the regions of memory that did not know existed.

The photographs of TiagoReis draw this project for a travel memory made up of moments that pass in the display lens, recording of various moments of everyday life but who, by choice of Tiago, to our eyes appear side by side in a dialogue of harmony or aesthetic a monologue that, unlike expressive, proposes, yet the interaction between the meaning and significant.
The trip, without leaving the place, set in a diptych in which the photographs are presented in a temporality without symmetry in fictionalized approach to time and places that have nothing in common, even within the same subject photographed.
The frame of the project, which involves the book cover in the fictional journey is made, it is also the memory of a family photo album stored, sepia, transfigured into a drawer and ash for the present, contingent, these Memories of Fictional Journey.

Luisa Gonçalves