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    Sara Chew's City scarf design for Front Row
Designed for the Front Row Society scarf design project on the theme of the City. 1000mm x 1000mm

Living in the city we see windows all around us, and the world is reflected back at us in fragmented sections. It got me thinking about how lots of the city is carved up into neat sections, from parks and squares to the grids on a map. I used the iconic building in London, the Gherkin (which is in the financial district of London known as the City) as a starting point and turned it inside out. The sky is reflected in hundreds of small diamonds and the eye could be our eyes looking around us or the eyes of the city watching us. The iris in the eye echoes the patterns that you find in an eye in real life and also the facets of a diamond. The scarf would be digitally printed to capture all the colours and textures in the sky. It is designed to be viewed this way up or turned on it's side so the 'building' is upright.