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    Video for project Tempus Fantasy by Katarzyna Borek & Vojto Monteur. Fantasy on Henryk Mikołaj Górecki - Three Pieces in Old Style.
Katarzyna Borek & Vojto Monteur: Three Pieces in Old Style
(Fantasy on Henryk Mikołaj Górecki)
Katarzyna Borek & Vojto Monteur: Three Pieces in Old Style (Fantasy on Henryk Mikołaj Górecki)

Music from the album: Katarzyna Borek & Vojto Monteur : "Tempus Fantasy" (Warner Classics 2014)
Official website: http://www.pianoelectronica.eu
Music video directed by: Katarzyna Borek, Vojto Monteur, Tomek Spera
Edited by: Tomek Spera | http://spera.pl 
Filmed by: Anna Domańska, Tomek Spera
Starring: Aleksandra Wójt
Stylist: Karolina Bastrykin

"Time divided music into styles but the most important value of the art of sounds is its power, essence and quality. Following this idea we embarked a journey across diverse sounds and styles from medieval music to contemporary works. With this journey we try to build new and surprising arrangements around musical themes extracted from well known classical masterpieces. We experiment, trying to show classical music in an unconventional way by combining it with electronics, which in the 20th and 21st centuries, has become part of both mainstream pop culture and also the most avant-garde trends in art. Based on original themes from classical masterpieces, we improvised, using the most advanced, high-tech instruments and effect processors. This album is our personal statement through piano and electronics. It combines various musical genres, seemingly contrasting with each other. We refer to classical, ambient, and trance music as our inspirations.The experience we have gained and our love for music motivated us to create a joint project that combines different genres. We would like to present our work based on the principle that music has no boundaries as it can connect people who listen to diverse styles of music and come from different cultural backgrounds".