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Yale Bologna Festival 2013

Yale Bologna Festival 2013
The Royal Treatment of America's Most Underestimated Meat! Every summer, Yale transforms from a tranquil town to the epicenter of Bologna fandom. Our Yale Bologna Festival poster pays homage to the "King of Meats," elevating bologna from lunchbox staple to royal delicacy. Through whimsical visuals and a clever tagline "More Bologna, Less Boloney," we celebrate Yale's century-old legacy in bologna craftsmanship, igniting curiosity and drawing throngs to this can't-miss event.
Target User:
Residents of Michigan and surrounding states, varying in age but sharing a common interest in community festivals, local history, and perhaps an ironic or genuine love for bologna.

Value Statement:
"More Bologna, Less Boloney—Where Tradition Meets Culinary Royalty"

Persona 1: The Foodie Explorer
Age: 22-35, Gender: Female
Interests: Food festivals, local cuisines, travel
Values: Authenticity, culinary adventures, community

Persona 2: The Family Fun-Seeker
Age: 30-45, Gender: Male/Female
Interests: Family outings, community events, local history
Values: Family bonding, cultural heritage, entertainment

Persona 3: The Nostalgia Buff
Age: 40-60, Gender: Male
Interests: Local history, traditional foods, community events
Values: Tradition, nostalgia, community spirit

Persona 4: The Quirky Millennial
Age: 25-35, Gender: Non-binary
Interests: Quirky festivals, food photography, social media
Values: Novelty, uniqueness, shareable experiences
Research from Past Festivals
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Yale Bologna Festival 2013


Yale Bologna Festival 2013

Poster for the Yale Bologna Festival 2013


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