Package design for Rauch Hungary. The first design was made in 2013.
The challenge was to create a playful and lovable package design for apple juice product.
In Hungary the kids receive fresh fruit every day under the School Juice Program and once a week Rauch also supply them 100% fruit juice.
These kids are the target audience - children at primary school, starting from first-grade up to sixth grade.
The goal was to design a noticeable, likeable package for them.
I used playful, cute pictogram to describe the content of the apple juice: ladybird footprint, smile, sunshine, etc..

In 2014 Rauch asked me to design product package for their new product, the apple-cherry juice.
This time I visited the kids at the school to see how they received the little juice filled boxes with my design.
Took some photos as well ( see bellow ).

One and a half million packs are distributed (per year) in Hungary, Slovakia and Czech Republic.
Designer and illustrator: Anna Korolovszky
Copywriter: Petra Tóth
Account Managers: Melinda Kun, Anett Polyák
Photos: Judit Kocsis
RAUCH Hungary
Rauch School Juice